Disaster Preparedness Information for Child Care Centers

Emergency Planning for Child Care Providers

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A disaster or emergency situation can occur when we least expect. It is especially important to be prepared in a child care setting since infants and children may be physically and/or developmentally unable to protect themselves. Child care facilities that have a plan in place and practice it on a regular basis are better able to protect the children in their care. This course is designed to present child care providers with the tools necessary to develop an effective disaster preparedness plan along with guidance on how to assemble a disaster supplies kit for childcare facilities. This self-paced course was developed with the busy working professional in mind. The course is comprised of a pre-test, course content, post-test, learning activities along with emergency plan templates and checklists. You can log onto the course to study the materials as many times as you wish before taking the final exam.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
    • Goals and Objectives
  • Pre-Learning Assesment
  • Identify Different Types of Disasters
    • Activity #1 – Identify Disasters
  • Should You Stay or Go?
    • Shelter-in-Place
    • Evacuation
    • Emergency Records
    • Transportation During an Emergency
    • Post the Plan!
  • Emergency Supplies
    • Portable Emergency Supplies Kit
    • Emergency Supplies List for the Entire Facility
    • Emergency Supplies for Children with Disabilities
  • Develop a Recovery Plan
    • Safety During Clean-Up
    • Communicating with Parents
  • Staff Training
    • Essential Training Topics
    • Chain of Command
    • Emergency Support Functions
    • Activity #3 – Emergency Response Plan Flip Chart
  • Educate Staff Members on Emergency Medical Guidelines
  • Certificate Exam

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