The ReadyAG© workbook (PDF) is designed to help farm and ranch owners be better prepared to deal with disasters that can occur on their farm or ranch such as power outages, drought, flood, severe snow- or ice storms, including catastrophic events as tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, disease outbreaks, and acts of terrorism or a nuclear accident.

The intent of ReadyAG© is to help farmers and ranchers become better prepared for all disasters, so they can continue to be viable even in the face of disastrous events. The workbook contains the following worksheets.

Before disaster strikes, ReadyAG can help you:

  • Identify vulnerable areas of production and management
  • Prioritize areas to strengthen
  • Create an action plan specific for your operation
  • Develop an accurate inventory of your assets
  • Identify and engage local critical services
  • Identify and engage local critical services
  • Find additional help

ReadyAG©: Disaster and Defense Preparedness for Production Agriculture
File Type: PDF, 2.6 MB
Number of Pages: 78
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