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Animal Disposal

Source:  Texas Animal Health Commission

After a disaster, Texans may face the challenge of animal disposal. Please use the following resources to guide you during this recovery phase.

  • Animal Carcasses in Pubic Areas (including residential): Animal carcasses found in public areas or rights-of-way should be reported to the local county Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to be handled through the jurisdiction’s debris management plan. You can find your county’s EOC information at or or on your county’s website.
  • Carcasses on private property, non-residential areas: Animal owners and operators are responsible for the proper disposal of their animals. To learn about common methods of non-diseased animal carcass disposal visit Disaster-Related Carcass Disposal Guide. or visit the Texas Commission Environmental Quality’s website at
  • The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) can provide additional technical assistance and may be able to help with debris removal from waterways. For more information visit
  • If you find a stray animal carcass on your property, contact your local EOC. You can find your county’s EOC information at






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