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Money Management in Times of Disaster

Date: August 14th, 2014

Preparing your finances in times of a disaster is just as important as managing them in the recovery stage. Use these tips to stay on track financially.


Replacing Documents After a Disaster

Date: August 12th, 2014

Learn where to go and who to contact to replace personal items and documents after disaster strikes.


Texas EDEN Drought Resources

Date: August 7th, 2014

Texas EDEN provides numerous resources on how to manage your water supply, ranch and animals during a drought, alongside other drought-related topics.


Irrigation Systems for Water Efficient Landscapes

Date: August 6th, 2014

An adequate supply of high quality water has become a critical issue for the future prosperity of Texas. In an attempt to reduce the excessive water use, Texas AgriLife Extension Service has created ways to educate Texans on the principles of landscaping and water use.




Water Quality: Its Relationship to Livestock

Date: July 31st, 2014

If livestock do not drink enough safe, clean water every day, intake of feed will drop, production will fall and the livestock producer will lose money. Learn more about the nutritional value of water for livestock.


Water Resources for Homeowners

Date: July 29th, 2014

A typical family uses 60-80 gallons of water per person, per day. For tips on better water conservation at home, check out AgriLife Extension’s Water Education network resources.


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Citrus Greening Disease found in Harris County, Texas

Date: July 25th, 2014

Source:  AgriLife Today

Owners of citrus trees in Harris County should be on the lookout for carriers and symptoms of a disease recently discovered there, experts with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service said.

Citrus greening was confirmed in a tree at a retail nursery south of Houston on July 16. The disease, which is spread by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid, has no cure and eventually kills infected trees, according to AgriLife Extension horticulture specialist Monte Nesbitt of College Station.

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Quarantines and controls for South Texas

Texas A&M Water Education Network

Date: July 24th, 2014

Access this link for water conservation, management, quality and irrigation tips from Texas A&M AgriLife Water Education Network website.


Children During and After a Disaster

Date: July 22nd, 2014

These two links lead to publications explaining how to help your child during and after a disaster, how to cope with trauma, and games and activities for shelters and evacuation centers.



Connect to AgriLife TODAY

Date: July 17th, 2014

Connecting to AgriLife TODAY is a great way to stay connected with what’s currently happening with agriculture around the state, nation and world, as well as the accomplishments of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.