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Avian Influenza

Date: November 10th, 2015

Avian Influenza is a disease of wild birds and domestic poultry caused by many different subtypes of Type A influenza virus.





Flu.gov – Get the facts!

Date: November 3rd, 2015

Don’t let flu season sneak up on you; prepare today to keep your family safe.


Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires

Date: October 29th, 2015

By taking a proactive approach to wildfire prevention, you can significantly increase your safety and your home’s likelihood of survival during a catastrophic wildfire event.


Winter Weather Ready

Date: October 27th, 2015

Make sure your family, your home, and your pets are all safe and warm in the possibility of winter storms.

Preparing for Winter Storms

Prepare for the Unexpected

Heating Homes

Pet Preparedness

Firewise: Wildfire Aware

Date: October 26th, 2015

The Firewise Communities Program encourages local solutions for safety by involving homeowners in taking individual responsibility for preparing their homes from the risk of wildfire.



Tree Care Kit

Date: October 20th, 2015

As much as we love trees, are we properly caring for them? This AgriLife Extension resource has tips about healthy tree maintenance!



Severe Weather Preparedness

Date: October 13th, 2015

Wind, snow and hail storms – Texas has them all. Sunny one day and flooding the next? Texas has that, too. Don’t get caught in the rain, be prepared.



Food Safety for Food Vendors and Groups

Date: October 6th, 2015

In Texas, Fall is just another word for football season. Check out this article to make sure your tailgating food is prepared correctly!



Flu Guides for Parents

Date: September 29th, 2015

Parents keep your children healthy during Flu season.

Flu information.

Flu guide for parents.


Flu Shots

Date: September 22nd, 2015

The flu shot is a vaccine given with a needle, usually in the arm. The seasonal flu shot protects against the three or four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season.

Learn more.

Find recommended Flu Vaccines near you.