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Cleaning Flood Damaged Homes

Date: July 12th, 2016

Rebuilding too quickly after a flood can cause continuing problems such as mold growth, insect infestations, and deterioration of the wood and wall coverings.  Flood waters are not clean water; therefore, most porous building materials must be removed and replaced with new materials.

Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up Checklist


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Managing Mosquitoes After a Flood

Date: July 5th, 2016

Floods can set up a potential hot bed for mosquito production and the diseases they transmit.  Use these resources to manage mosquitoes after a flood or heavy rains.


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College Student Disaster Preparedness

Date: June 28th, 2016

Parents and college students…use these resources to prepare for a disaster:




Disaster Preparedness for Child Care Centers

Date: June 21st, 2016

Use these resources to prepare a Child Care Center for a disaster such as a storm, flood or hurricane.




Disaster Preparedness for Businesses

Date: June 14th, 2016

Use the following resources to prepare your business for floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and widespread serious illness.


Video Series: Returning to Your Flood-Damaged Home

Date: June 9th, 2016

Source:  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

These videos discuss how to return to your home for the first time after a natural disaster such as a flood.

Disaster Preparedness for Older Adults

Date: June 7th, 2016

Know, plan, act. Use this AgriLife Extension presentation resource to better understand caring for older adults before, during and after disasters.



Assessing and Caring for Cattle After Wildfires

Date: May 10th, 2016

To ensure the wellbeing of your cattle, the first steps after a wildfire are: locate and secure the cattle, provide adequate water and forage, and then consult your veterinarian.



Zika Virus Health-Related Resources

Date: May 3rd, 2016

Looking for information to share on Zika virus? The Texas A&M Health Science Center has health-related resources, answers and information for all.



Mosquito Control

Date: April 26th, 2016

Mosquitoes are not only pesky and annoying, they can also cause life-threatening diseases. Learn more about mosquito control around the home in this downloadable fact sheet.


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