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Fires & Wildfires

Fires can be devastating to a home, property, rangeland, community, or state. About 370,000 homes are the scenes of fires each year, and about 80 percent of deaths from fire occur in homes, according to the National Fire Protection Association. An overwhelming number of the victims are children and the elderly. Knowing fire myths from facts can protect you or someone you love from the pain of a home fire.

Resources for Texas Wildfires & Rangeland Fires:

  1. Managing Debris From Texas Wildfires

  2. Managing Waste from Texas Wildfires

  3. Texas A&M Forest Service Fire Activity
    (on a Google Map)

  4. Active Texas Fires Map
    * Note: Click box next to Fires under map controls.

  5. Texas Wildfires Maps - Fire Danger and Advisories
    Texas A&M Forest Service

  6. Wildfire in Texas
    Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

  7. Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires in Texas
    Texas A&M Forest Service

  8. Replacing Vital Documents & Personal Records

  9. Managing Contaminated Animal and Plant Materials Field Guide on Best Practices
    by Mukhtar et. al (2008)
    National Center for Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Defense (FAZD)

  10. Catastrophic Animal Mortality Management (Burial Method)
    Technical Guidance

    USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board

  11. Talking about Disaster:  Guide for Standard Messages
    The American Red Cross

  12. Wildfire Prevention Materials
    Texas A&M Forest Service

  13. Wildfire

  14. Preparing for Wildfires
    American Red Cross

  15. FireWise Communities
    National Fire Protection Association

  16. Fire Emergency & Response
    Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Texas A&M Forest Service

Home Fires:

  1. Home Fires

  2. Disaster Fire Safety for Citizens
    United States Fire Administration

  3. Home Fires

  4. Fire Fact Sheets & Safety Tips
    National Fire Protection Association

  5. Home Fire Information
    American Red Cross

  6. Sound the Alarm
    Texas 4-H

  7. Working Together for Home Fire Safety
    United States Fire Administration