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Emergency Supplies Kit for College Students

Let's face it, your first time away from home can be a frightening experience, and even more so when your parents can't be there for you in a time of emergency. Therefore, it's up to you to be prepared before, during, and after a crisis. One way you can be prepared is by putting together an emergency supplies kit. Below is a list of essential items that will add to your safety while away at college.

The Essentials

Safety & Comfort

Sanitation Supplies


Tools & Supplies


To purchase a ready-made, emergency preparedness kit, please visit: www.redcrossstore.org

Written by Lisa Norman, Extension Assistant, and Kathryn Cordes, Student Assistant, Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Family Development & Resource Management, The Texas A&M University System, January 2007.

Source: www.redcross.org